This is a provisional route. Effort has been made to avoid large urban areas, high mountains, major roads and busy junctions. The route is subject to revision. More detailed maps may show tracks and bridleways suitable for the wagon which may prove better than the roads chosen. If you know the areas covered and have any comments or suggestions, please email

UK eastern route
Alternative Moffat to Haggbeck route
UK western route
Pilgrims way route through Surrey and Kent
Weald and south downs route through Surrey, Sussex and Kent
Mainland europe
Alternative route from Zeebrugge to Glageon
France (second time)
Belgium (second time)
France (third time)


UK overview
Green line is a beeline. Red dotted line indicates actual route. CAUTION: EXTREMELY LARGE IMAGE FILE. DO NOT OPEN UNLESS YOUR COMPUTER HAS HAD ITS WEETABIX!!!!!!!!! Route being revised.

UK eastern route

This is the route marked with red dots on the UK overview map. It is a bit too long and meandering, especially in the northern section, so corners could probably be cut to save time. The alternative route from moffat to hethersgill< is an attempt to cut one of these corners, but this must be considered carefully if steep hills provbe to be a problem. The eastern route crosses the pennines roughly along the course of Hadrians wall, and then heads south to the east of the pennines along the vale of york.
The western route branches off at Hethersgill and follows the western side the pennines south from the English border
coalburn to Douglas junction
douglas junction to Moffat
alternative moffat to haggbeck route branches off south here
Moffat to dinwoodie mains
dinwoodie mains to brydekirk
brydekirk to kirkpatrick
brydekirk to kirkpatrick enlarged view
kirkpatrick to canonbie
canonbie to haggbeck
Then continue from
haggbeck to hethersgill
Alternative route Moffat to haggbeck
moffat to grange fell
grange fell to north of waterbeck
north of waterbeck to milltown
milltown to canonbie
canonbie to near scuggate
near scuggate to near haggbeck
From here rejoin the original route:

haggbeck to hethersgil
UK western route branches off south
hethersgill to banks
banks to haltwhistle golf club
haltwhistle golf club to haltwhistle
haltwhistle to bardon mill
bardon mill to haydon bridge
haydon bridge to hexham
hexham to slaley
slaley to edmondbyers
edmondbyers to crawleyside
crawleyside to egglestone
eggleston to barnard castle
barnard castle to Hutton Magna
Hutton Magna to whashton
whashton to easby
easby to whitwell
whitwell to romanby
romanby to knayton
knayton to thirlby
thirlby to kilburn
kilburn to brandsby
brandsby to stillington
stillington to york road
york road to wigginton
wigginton to wigginton road
wigginton road to stonegate
stonegate to york centre
york centre to fishergate
fishergate to Fulford (urban A road)
fulford to Naburn lane
Naburn lane to stillingfleet
stillingfleet to cawood
cawood to bishopdyke road
bishopdyke road to roe lane
roe lane to beal
beal to northfield lane
northfield lane to Norton
Norton to barnby dun
barnby dun to nutwell
nutwell to Cantley
cantley to stripe road
stripe road to harworth
harworth to torworth
torworth to babworth
babworth to hazelwood lane
hazelwood lane to nr fledborough
hazelwood lane to nr fledborough
nr fledborough to nr ossington
nr ossington to norwell
norwell to south muskham
south muskham to cotham
cotham to orston
orston to barnstone
barnstone to near eastwell
eastwell to wartnaby.bmp
wartnaby to gaddesby lane
gaddesby lane to ashby folville
ashby folville to melton road
melton road to market harboro
market harborough to harborough road
harborough to naseby
naseby to ravensthorpe
ravensthorpe to east haddon
east haddon to nobottle
nobottle to nether heyford
nether heyford to blisworth
blisworth to hanslope
blisworth to hanslope
hanslope to cosgrove
cosgrove to upper weald
upper weald to whaddon
whaddon road to stewkley
stewkley to cublington
cublington to tring road
Tring road to tring ford road
tring ford road to cholesbury
cholesbury to asheridge road
asheridge road chesham to nightingales lane
nightingales lane to welders la
welders lane to windsor road
windsor road to eton
eton to windsor
windsor to winkfield road
winkfield road to sunninghill road
sunninghill road to windsor road
windsor road to guildford road
guildford road to knaphill
Here the route can go two ways: East along the north downs through Surrey and Kent roughly following the pilgrims way, or south through Sussex and Kent along the weald and southdowns

Pilgrims way

Northern route through Kent and Surrey
knaphill to high street
high street to near sendmarsh
near sendmarsh to ripley road
ripley road to east clandon
east clandon to combe bottom
combe bottom to effingham forest
effingham forest to south of st theresas
south of st theresas to ranmore road
ranmore road to bushberry lane
bushberry lane to horley
horley to new chapel
new chapel to cowden
cowden to penshurst
penshurst to southborough
southborough to pembury
pembury to laddingford
pembury to laddingford
laddingford to east farleigh
laddingford to east farleigh
east farleigh to bluebell hill
bluebell hill detail
bluebell hill to pilgrims way near detling
pilgrims way near detling to Ringlestone road
ringlestone road to kettle hill road
kettle hill road to shottenden
shottenden to mystole lane
mystole lane to bridge
bridge to Dover

Weald and south downs route

Southern route through Kent and Sussex
knaphill to st johns hill road
st johns hill road to sutton green
sutton green to burpham
burpham to guildford
guildford to farncombe
farncombe to brighton road
brighton road to dunsfold
dunsfold to plaistow
plaistow to glasshouse lane
glasshouse lane to wiggonholt
wiggonholt to ashington
ashington to edburton road
edburton road to hurstpierpoint
hurstpierpoint to plumpton
Alternative route to Newhaven branches off here
plumpton to broyle side
broyle side to golden cross
golden cross to cinderford lane
cinderford lane to penhurst lane
penhurst lane to crowhurst lane
crowhurst road to hastings
hastings to battery hill
battery hill to pennel lane
pennel lane to Winchelsea
winchelsea to rye
rye to bilsington
bilsington to swingfield
swingfield to dover

Alternative route to newhaven
plumpton to Lewes
lewes to rodmell
rodmell to Newhaven

UK western route

The western route goes south along the eastern side of the pennines from the English/Scottish border. At Soulby near Kirkby Stephen, it can either go
east across the pennines towards Scotch corner, or continue south towards Leeds. hethersgill to laversdale
laversdale to castle carrock
castle carrock to east of hornsby
east of hornsby to croglin
croglin to renwick
renwick to gamblesby
gamblesby to townhead
townhead to kirkland
kirkland to milburn
milburn to brampton
brampton to parkin hill
parkin hill to soulby
From here the route can either go east towards Scotch corner, or south towards Leeds
soulby to barras
barras to dales park boundary
dales park boundary to grinton
grinton to whipperdale bank

South from Soulby near Kirkby Stephen

soulby to nateby near Kirkby Stephen

Mainland Europe overview

Red dots indicate actual planned route. The route can either start in Boulogne or by going south from zeebrugge (purple dots). The Boulogne route is easier, and avoids major built up areas. Heading east from Zeebrugge or rotterdam goes through the Rhineland which is heavily developed and urbanised, so not a good idea.

France, Belgium and Luxembourg overview map



Boulogne to Calonne Ricouart
Calonne Ricouart to Gauchin
Gauchin to Farbus
Farbus to Vitry en Artois
Vitry en artois to Marcq en ostrevent
Marcq en ostrevent to Haspres
Haspres to Englefontaine
Englefontaine to Marbaix
Marbaix to Glageon
Glageon to Seloignes (Belgium)
From here join the route through Belgium

Zeebrugge route

This is an alternative route starting at zeebrugge
zeebrugge to beernem
beernem to desselgem
desselgem to La Laie
la laie to colfontaine
colfontaine to French border to avesnes sur helpe
Enter France
avesnes sur helpe to glageon
From here join the first route through France at glageon


Seloignes to Riezes
Riezes to Bourg Fidele (France)

France (2nd time)

Bourg Fidele to Tournavaux
Tournavaux to Mouzaive (Belgium)

Belgium (2nd time)

Mouzaive to Herbeumont
Herbeumont to Lacuisine
Lacuisine to Prouvy
Prouvy to Poncelle
Mouzaive to Poncelle
Poncelle to Chantemelle
Chantemelle to Messancy
Messancy to Petange (Luxembourg)


Poncelle (Belgium) to Ottange (France)

France (3rd time)

Buding to Luttange
Luttange to Vry
Vry to Servigny les raville
Servigny les raville to Mainvillers
Mainvillers to Racrange
Racrange to Loudrefing
Loudrefing to Lixheim (overview)
Loudrefing to Belles forets
Lixheim to Lutzelbourg
Lutzelbourg to Gottenhouse
Gottenhouse to Knoersheim
Knoersheim to Quatzenheim
Quatzenheim to Wolfisheim
Wolfisheim to Strasbourg
strasbourg south


Germany overview map

Strasbourg south to hohnhurst
hohnhurst to windschlag
windschlag to zusenhofen
zusenhofen to oberachern
oberachern to sasbach
sasbach to sasbachried
sasbachried to north of walzfeld
north of walzfeld to rheinstrasse
rheinstrasse to vimbuch
vimbuch to mullhofen
mulhofen to bergseestrasse
burgseestrasse to turmweg
turmweg to hubertustrasse
huburtussstrasse to schusbachstrasse
schusbachstrasse to balg
balg to quellenweg
quellenweg to south of zielwassenweg
south of ziellwassenweg to gaggenau
gaggenau to bernbach
bernbach to ittersbach
ittersbach to ellmendingen
elmendingen to ersingen
ersingen to corres
corres to lienzingen
corres to lienzingen detail
lienzingen to gundelbach
gundelbach to freudental
freudenthal to lauffen am neckar
lauffen am neckar to south of donnbron
south of donnbron to south of obersulm
south of obersulm to lindelberg
lindelberg to weinsbach
weinsbach to neureut
neureut to kunzelsau
kunzelsau to unterer railhof
unterer railhof to herrentierbach
herrentierbach to lindlein
lindlein to metzholz
metzholz to diebach
diebach to leipoldsberg
leipoldsberg to erlbach
erlbach to wustenbruck
wustenbruck to ansbach
Ansbach to Roth (overview, route not entirely accurate)
ansbach to rutzendorf (detail)
rutzendorf to near ruckersdorf
ruckersdorf to moosbach
moosbach to abenberg
abenberg to pfaffenhofen
pfaffenhofen to heubuhl (near Roth)
Roth to Deuerling (overview, not entirely accurate)
heubuhl to michelbach
michelbach to kornersdorf
kornersdorf to near hermannsberg
hermannsberg to rasch
rasch to eckertshof
eckertshof to north of netzstall (south of Deuerling)
Deuerling to Regensberg to Atting (overview not entirely accurate)
netzstall to jurastrasse
jurastrasse (viehhaussen) to poikam
poikam to dunzling
dunzling to langerling
langenerling to sunching
sunching to bergstorf
bergstorf to north straubing
north straubing to ittling
north straubing to ittling (ittling close up)
ittling to entau
entau to stefansposching
stefansposching to altenbuch
altenbuch to otzing
otzing to buchhofen
buchofen to south of inkam
inkam to aunkirchen
aunkirchen to galla
galla to gfohret
gfohret to east of aubach
east of aubach to sulzbach am inn
sulzbach am inn to steinbach (austria)
Atting to Windorf
unplanned section will update soon


steinbach to oberndorf
oberndorf to geiselham
oberndorf to geiselham
geiselham to near kiesenberg
near kiesenberg to north of furth
north of furth to north of radlach
north of radlach to wels
wels to south of leombach
south of leombach to kematen an der krems
kematen an der krems to south of lining
lining to south of losensteinlethen
south of losensteinleithen to north of plaik
plaik to haag
haag to sankt johann in engstetten
sankt johann in engstetten to sankt peter in der au markt
sankt peter in der au markt to sankt michael
sankt michael to gleiss
gleiss to neuhoffen an der ybbs
neuhoffen an der ybbs to south of euratsfeld
south of euratsfeld to buch
buch to sarling
sarling to pochlarn
pochlarn to grospriel
grospriel to neuhofen
neuhofen to hafnerbach
hafnerbach to waitzendorf
waitzendorf to pottenbrun
pottenbrun to unterkilling
unterkilling to weinzierl
weinzierl to neusiedl
neusiedl to tulln



Gyor to Beograd overview [top]


Beograd to Sofia (overview)
Bor to Bregovo (overview)
Mokranje to Bregovo


Bregovo to Staropatitsa (overview)
Bregovo to Kosovo
Kosovo to Rabrovo
Rabrovo to Boynitsa
Boynitza to Kula
Kula to Staropatitsa
Staropatitsa to Georgi Damjanova
Georgi Damjanova to Bergovitsa to Svoge (overview)
Georgi damjanova to Gaganitsa
Bergovitsa to Svoge
Svoge and Zhelen